About Us

Hi Friends!

My name is Ashlee Falco, owner of CelebrationWarehouse. This shop is ran by my husband (The Hubs) Matt Falco. Together we are the dynamic duo that brings you this wonderful cardstock & craft supply warehouse!

We are a family of four with two wonderful children: Pretty Girl & Little Guy. 

Ashlee, full-time owns and operates DecorateNCelebrate, a party decor business. Matt full-times runs the ship over here on CelebrationWarehouse. 

Our story is pretty long, as we've been small business owners for over 11 years. What started as just a party decor company has now grown into what we have here. 

In 2020, a major wholesale craft supply company went out of business, after getting bought out by a large big box craft store. When this happened, Ashlee was going to be forced to raise her prices on her party decor. She knew there needed to be another way, and here is where CelebrationWarehouse was born.

After months of research, late nights, and a ton of samples. She knew she landed on the greatest products ever for cardstock: plain and glitter. The other thing she knew is that if she was going to do this, she needed to make it affordable for everyone!

Craft supplies, especially cardstock, are very costly to customers. With her own business in the cardstock industry she knew her other cardstock using craft friends also needed another vendor to provide high quality cardstock for cheaper than big box stores. And this is my promise to you!

So in November 2020 CelebrationWarehouse opened up shop and is now selling over 20 glitter cardstock and 40 plain cardstock options, all cheaper than you'll be able to find anywhere else.

From November 2020 - July 2021, Ashlee ran both shops by herself. While her husband Matt worked full-time for a multi-million dollar pizza company in Lexington Kentucky. Very unhappy with his work situation, and the instant success Ashlee found in selling cardstock, this convinced Matt to quit his corporate life and take over CelebrationWarehouse. Now the rest is history.

We are both so proud of what has been built over the last few years and we hope you are too!

-Ashlee & Matt